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Full Stack Developer, Mobile App Developer | JavaScript, Python, Dart


The sooner you learn these topics, the sooner you can ensure the safety of your code, the sooner you can get used to version control (which software developers use all the time on the job), and the sooner you can create a GitHub portfolio that impresses potential employers.

But apart from all of those reasons, the greatest justification why anyone would want to learn these concepts is to make your GitHub…


This course will get you one step closer to fulfilling that vision. Let’s begin. Here is a link to the HTML Course if you would like a refresher.

CSS means Cascading Style Sheets. Files containing CSS code end in “.css” and are used to give style to HTML elements. Basically, CSS is used to turn a website with basic structure and content into something much prettier.

Linking to Your CSS File


This course will help you do just that. It will teach you the important parts of HTML preparing you for more complicated topics like CSS and JavaScript. The course is clear, fun to read, and best of all, it is on the world’s best platform: Medium!

Good luck and see you on the other side.



This tutorial will teach you the basics of web-scraping in Python and will also explain some pitfalls to watch out for. After completing this guide, you will…

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